Dahrouge Geological Consulting Ltd.


Dahrouge Geological Consulting Ltd. is a global mineral exploration consulting group providing expertise in professional geological, logistical, and project management services through all stages of the mining value chain. Based in Edmonton, AB, CAN and Denver, CO, USA, Dahrouge and its predecessor, Halferdahl and Associates, have advised and assisted clients in identifying, exploring, developing, and optimizing mineral projects and resources since 1971. Embracing and learning from each and every challenge, our team has continued to grow and expand to cater and serve projects, mines, and disciplines at any position within the mining value chain from fundraising and project generation to exploration and mine site operations. Our record of success and accomplishments are built upon the collective knowledge and diversity of our people. With a team of professional experts experienced in a wide variety of commodities and environments, Dahrouge maintains the ability to serve the industry through geoscientists spanning the globe.

Burgex Mining Consultants


Burgex Mining Consultants provides convenient, comprehensive mining consulting services. In our 10+ years of experience, we’ve worked on over 2,500 projects and staked over 10,000 mineral claims. We offer dependable mineral market analysis, claim staking, valuation, sampling, and more to produce the quality projects you expect in a reasonable timeframe (leaving our competition in the dust). Our expert mining consultants are prepared to assist you from mineral exploration through mining operations, all in one place. We’re dedicated to becoming a critical component of the highest value mining projects in the world through unmatched expertise, pioneering services, fast turnaround, and a world class global network.